CONNECT RETREAT 21-25/6/2018 Punat, island Krk, CROATIA

CONNECT Retreat is an opportunity to spend few days connecting with yourself, with the nature, with people, with the great vibe....with your dreams. Time for nothing and all.

  • MIND

    Find out your belives and your programmed thoughts. Connect to yourself and find your dreams
  • BODY

    Wake up Your Body, Wake up your energy, rase your vibe high

    Find where is the old energy blocking you and connect with the new and inspiring

Mind Coach - Yasmina Buweden

Life Coach, Mentor at Cherie Blaire Foundation for women, TT Mindfulness Coach, owner at B&B fun and sun, Watersports driver, Motivator and Inspiratior of Living a creative and fulfilled life, this year celebrating 20 years od Entrepreneurship. Together we will enjoy, find our belives and thought paths, we will make some space to connect with ourselves and find out about our next step.

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Sport Coach - Dražen Vukelić

A full contact Champion, Nutricisionist, Master of Martial sports, owner at TOP FORM Rijeka Fitness centar ...those are just some of Dražen˛`s skills. Together we will wake up our body, find out how do we stand at this very moment, what could we change and what is the best solution for having a healthy and energised body.

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Energy Coach - Claire Pfisterer

A Therapsit, a Energy Coach, a great Healer, owner at Devi Zentrum Germany, a very unique person. We will find out about our energy, about our old energy and replace it with new one. In surrounding of the nature, in touch of mother Earth, we will have the opportunity to find our true self, accept our spirit and let our inspiring energy fulfill our body.

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